Atmosfear - DVD board games & TVCs

ATMOSFEAR - The Gatekeeper™ was a world’s first interactive DVD video board game in which players took on not only each other but also the game's ghoulish TV host – The Gatekeeper - in a 49 minute race against time.

Television commercial for interactive DVD boardgame, Atmosfear

Features included random DVD programming for infinite replayability; CGI, live action, special effects and 5.1 surround sound, for a fully immersive experience; Interactive games using the remote control; and DVD extra content.

The game was produced in 11 languages for international release.
Production deliverables included marketing materials and 10, 15, 20 and 30 second TVCs.

The sequel, Khufu - The Mummy, featured all new game play, game components, DVD content and a creepy new TV host: Khufu.

Atmosfear - The Gatekeeper released 2004, 2005
Khufu - The Mummy released 2006
Atmosfear Express released 2008 (15 minute version, remastered)

Credit: Producer